Jake Lancaster - North East Victoria

Photo Essay by Jake Lancaster

Living in North East Victoria I am spoilt for choice when it comes to moments I can capture. Even though I spend (almost) everyday in this place with the same community of people, it all looks different through the lens.

From mountains to valleys, winter to spring, township to township, this place is a honeypot of picturesque scenery to snap. Wherever I’m going, my camera rides shotgun. There is nothing I love more than embarking on an impromptu adventure and capturing all of those fleeting moments.

My biggest passion however is portraiture. There’s something about the way light can dance around a person’s face, exploring and revealing their stories; eyes lost in thought, wrinkles deep as valleys from laughter, a fleeting smirk, freckles from years of sun. It’s the old cliché, “a picture tells a thousand words,” and I truly believe that.

By portraiture I don’t mean finding your best white shirt and sitting in a paddock of daisies… My goal is to keep it real and honest. I like to capture those moments when you’re not looking. I want to capture you wearing daggy jeans in the garden, having a cuppa in the morning sun – I want to capture you in your element and try to savour that moment.

Jake Lancaster // @pallettree